4 Things You Should Never Do When Hurt on the Job

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4 Things You Should Never Do When Hurt on the Job

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Workplace injuries are common, and yet most people are not aware of the best and worst things they can do to protect themselves and their rights. Regardless of your industry, you have laws and regulations that are designed to keep you safe, and ensure your compensation if you are hurt. However, it’s important to know that many employers are trained to downplay or minimize your injury claims, in order to save themselves money and retain their reputations. Looking to your management team may not always guarantee you a fair worker’s compensation case in California.

If you have been injured on the jobsite, or while performing your normal and expected job duties, it’s a good idea to reach out to a qualified worker’s compensation attorney for guidance, but keep in mind, you should avoid these things at all costs:

  1. Ignore your injury

Too often, workers try to shrug off their injuries, and often continue working as if nothing happened. Whether this tendency is self-imposed, or encouraged by an employer, it is not smart. Your injuries deserve to be treated and documented, and the longer you wait from the moment of injury, the less likely you are to receive any compensation.

  1. Lie about circumstances

On the other side of the coin, there are workers that overdramatize their injuries and embellish the facts in order to gain further sympathy, or in an attempt to scare the management into giving them what they want. Unfortunately, this can work against you by damaging your reputation, putting people on the defensive, and causing further distraction to your coworkers.

  1. Fail to go to an approved doctor

In order to get medical documentation of your injuries, you will likely be directed to use an approved doctor or clinic for your exam. Don’t stray outside of this system, no matter how distrustful you may be of it, otherwise you may be caught in a frustrating loop of repeated exams, dismissed evidence, and potentially your entire case being thrown out.

  1. Refuse outside legal help

When you are hurt on the job, you will encounter many required forms to fill out and meetings to attend, and if you’re not adequately prepared, you may find yourself getting the short end of the stick. Always reach out to an experienced California worker’s compensation attorney to discuss your case, and follow your lawyer’s advice.

If you or someone you love needs help fighting for fair compensation after a workplace injury, contact Jackson & Jackson and request your free consultation today!

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