What Benefits Am I Entitled to Under Worker’s Compensation Law?

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What Benefits Am I Entitled to Under Worker’s Compensation Law?

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If you are injured on the job here in California, you have the law on your side. There are many different legal provisions that have been set to protect you, your health, and your livelihood, should you be hurt while performing your work duties. However, many people are not made aware of these benefits until they are already in the thick of a worker’s compensation case in Southern California. Whether you’re hurt now, or simply want to know what may happen if you are hurt in the future, it’s nice to have information!

Here are just some of the benefits that you may be eligible for, if you win your worker’s compensation case:

  1. Medical care

The first order of business, in the face of an injury, is to get you the care that you need. Doctor’s visits, surgical procedures, medication, physical therapy, and other healthcare costs will likely be covered in full by your worker’s compensation provider.

  1. Temporary disability

Many people who are injured on the job will require some time off to recover, and this is where temporary disability benefits come in. These benefits typically cover partial wages, and begin within a couple of weeks of a doctor’s verification that you are unable to work at this time.

  1. Permanent disability

For more serious injuries, an individual may not be able to return to work at all, and/or compete in the job market against uninjured workers. In this case, they may be eligible for a monetary settlement, and these payouts are determined by the severity of the disability, as well as factors like age, occupation, and previous earnings.

  1. Vocational rehabilitation

In the instance that the injured person is no longer able to perform their previous job duties, they may be able to go through vocational training, to prepare them for a different kind of work. During this rehab, partial financial assistance is typically given, similar to temporary disability benefits.

  1. Wage loss benefits

Some people who have suffered job-related injury are able to return to work after some time, but many are not able to work as many hours, or handle the same tasks as before. In these cases, wage loss benefits may be given in order to supplement the new income amount. There are many factors that determine wage loss benefit eligibility, so be sure to talk with a qualified worker’s compensation lawyer in Southern California about your unique case!

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