The Critical Window: What You Need to Do in the First Week Following Your Workplace Injury

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The Critical Window: What You Need to Do in the First Week Following Your Workplace Injury

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While millions of people are injured on the job each year, only a fraction of those go on to report those injuries, file a worker’s compensation claim, and receive benefits. Some of these cases are due to poor timing, where a worker simply failed to follow the procedures in the critical window of time, and missed out on benefits they were entitled to. Too often, people hesitate on notifying their employer of the injury, or downplay the injury itself, not realizing how serious it is, or how much it will affect their ability to work.

When it comes to being eligible for worker’s compensation benefits in California, the first week after your injury is the most important time. This seven-day window is crucial for establishing your case and getting the ball rolling for paperwork, case filings, medical treatment, and much more. Any worker’s comp attorney will tell you: if you fail to act during the first week, the odds are against you in obtaining the benefits and/or accommodations that you deserve.

Regardless of your type of injury, there are several steps you must take to give yourself the best possible chance at a good legal and financial outcome. The week following your injury will set the tone for the rest of your case, and when you make sure to do these things, you’ll set yourself up for greater success down the road.

Here are several things to put on your post-injury checklist:

  •       Report your injury to your employer, as soon as possible
  •       Get the proper medical treatment from an approved healthcare provider- do not wait several days before doing this
  •       Give your doctor an accurate and full history of the injury
  •       Reach out to a qualified worker’s compensation attorney in Southern California, or your local area
  •       Do not speak with any insurance company or their representatives, especially if you are going to hire an attorney (which is a smart move!)
  •       File an official Worker’s Compensation Claim
  •       Continue your medical treatment and post-visit care as instructed by your doctor
  •       Await further instructions from your attorney

Don’t make the mistake of putting off your injury treatment or benefits claim. Make sure you stay on top of the paperwork, doctor’s appointments, and other tasks during the first week after your injury. Need more help on how to file a worker’s compensation claim in California? Reach out to us at Jackson & Jackson today and request your free consultation!

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