Employee Checklist To start A Workers’ Compensation Claim

  • Report the accident to your supervisor immediately. Complete the accident report and submit it to your supervisor.
  • Call an experienced workers compensation attorney to learn your rights and what to expect in your particular situation. The attorney can assist with completing the claim form, so it’s done correctly and there are less delays and denials later.
  • Complete the Workers’ Compensation Claim Form (DWC-1 form) and submit it to your supervisor or HR person. (Your employer must give you this form within 1 day of your injury report.)
  • Request that your employer allow you to visit the “company clinic” to evaluate and assess your injury or potential injury. Even if you feel “ok” its best to request a doctor visit immediately or soon after the injury event to document the injury and to determine if the injury is more serious than you may think.
  • Submit any disability slips to your supervisor and/or workers’ compensation adjuster.
  • If your accident is an emergency, please seek medical treatment from the nearest ER or urgent care facility.
  • Communicate your off work/ return-to-work status to your supervisor and/or agency’s workers’ compensation coordinator.
  • Before returning to work after missing time related to injury, notify your supervisor of any return-to-work release and present your medical release to your supervisor and/or workers’ compensation representative.
  • Consider not allowing a nurse consultant to help you, since they work for the insurance company and are there to keep costs down. Keeping costs down is in the insurance company’s best interest – not yours.
  • Consult with the workers’ compensation claims adjuster regarding pharmacy cards/ approved pharmacies.

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