Medical Treatment after a Workplace Injury

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Medical Treatment after a Workplace Injury

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Sometimes, when a workplace accident happens, it will be obvious that you need immediate medical help, and your supervisor or co-workers will call an ambulance. In that moment, focus on what the EMTs say and getting to the hospital for the necessary trauma care as soon as possible.

However, what happens if you do not need to call 911? You know you suffered an injury at work, but should you really rush to the emergency room? How can you be sure your employer will cover your expenses? Will you get stuck with the medical bills?

Even if a workplace injury seems minor, it is always important to get a medical evaluation as soon as you can. There are two main reasons for getting an immediate medical diagnosis:

  • The sooner your injuries are diagnosed, the sooner you can start treatment, which will hopefully mean a faster recovery and fewer complications.
  • If you have medical records from right after your workplace accident, your employer will have less of an argument that your injuries were not work-related to challenge your workers’ compensation

Many people in dangerous or challenging industries may be tempted to “tough it out” and downplay the symptoms and seriousness of an injury. This can potentially hurt a workers’ compensation claim, including the extent of treatment approved or the benefits you receive. If you’re worried about your employer trying to stick you with medical bills, you should discuss your situation with an experienced Southern California workers’ compensation attorney – that is, after you receive the medical care you need.

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