Top 4 Mistakes People Make in Their Worker’s Comp Case

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Top 4 Mistakes People Make in Their Worker’s Comp Case

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When you’re hurt on the jobsite, it’s important that you understand your rights, and take the necessary steps to get the medical help and financial compensation that you deserve. Companies of all shapes and sizes have specific protocols in place for whenever a worker is injured, but these guidelines don’t always guarantee you a smooth and easy experience. Whether your injury is something temporary or one that results in a life-long disability, it’s critical that you follow the right steps to protect yourself and ensure the best possible outcome.

If you have recently been hurt at your place of employment, you are entitled to file a worker’s compensation claim. And if you want to give yourself the best shot at winning, avoid making careless mistakes. Here are some of the worst mistakes that you can make in your worker’s compensation case:

  1. Not hiring an outside attorney

When an employee is injured, sometimes a company will attempt to provide their own in-house legal counsel, but remember that this is not always in your favor. And don’t think that you can handle your case all on your own, either. Look for a good worker’s compensation attorney in Southern California to represent you.

  1. Not going to an approved doctor

While you may be more comfortable going to your personal physician for your post-injury exam, it’s important that you go to a provider that is approved by your employer. Straying outside of this system may negate your medical exam and diagnosis, making it much harder to win your case.

  1. Not filing your claim soon enough

Too often, in the wake of an injury, people downplay their pain or disability, or feel ashamed, and thus, don’t alert the proper authorities in a reasonable amount of time. When you’re hurt, it’s crucial to tell your supervisor and start the required paperwork within the critical window- within the first week following the incident.

  1. Not being honest

Sometimes, it may be tempting to embellish the details of the incident, or make your injuries appear better or worse than they actually are. But this is a very risky move. If you are caught being dishonest, or if you change your story at any point, this will compromise your case and potentially threaten your employment status too.

Winning a worker’s compensation case isn’t easy, so it’s important to hire a savvy and experienced attorney. The law office of Jackson & Jackson is here for you, so reach out to us for your free consultation today.

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