What To Do When Workers’ Compensation Checks Don’t Come Or Are Lost Or Stolen

The issue here is when to request a stop payment on a check that has not arrived. If you do this too soon the check could show up but you won’t be able to cash it and you will have to wait usually around one to two weeks for the replacement check. You can check with your post office if any mail is pending for you. If your check is more than 4 days late and there is no holidays, its time to call your claims adjuster and advise them to check with their bank to see if the check has cleared or not. If not you will need to tell them to stop payment and reissue the check. They will need up to 5 days to get bank confirmation if the check has cleared or not. Once confirmed it has not cleared they will reissue, usually within one working day.

If the check has cleared they require you sign an affidavit that you did not receive the check. They will reissue. Work comp attorneys know how to take care of this issue for you so you.

How Often Do Workers’ Compensation Checks Come?

Work comp checks are paid every two weeks on a day designated by the work comp insurance company. They will mail out your checks every two weeks on the designated day. The checks may not arrive always on the same day due to fluctuations in the US Post office handling of the mail.

My Workers’ Comp Check Is Late

Your work comp case is a legal case. Every legal case needs evidence. The envelope is your evidence that the checks are not timely. Don’t destroy or lost the date stamp on the envelope. Advise your attorney and send a copy of the envelope so your attorney can determine if a late payment penalty may apply to your case. The courts don’t issue penalties for short delays of a day or two in most cases. But a pattern or practice by work comp insurance to delay payments can bring substantial penalties for late payment. If you read on the internet that you can get penalties for any delay, that’s sales talk to make you think that attorney is better than the rest.

Call an experienced work comp attorney for a free case evaluation and more advanced tips on how to protect your job, your rights and your work comp benefits. Don’t get cut short, call today.

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