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The attorneys at Jackson & Jackson have met the rigorous requirements for Certification as Specialists in Workers' Compensation Law. Our workers' compensation lawyers in Huntington Beach have been effectively representing injured workers since 1971 and this is why we are a Powerful Voice for the Injured Worker

As experienced Huntington Beach workers’ compensation lawyers, we help injured workers every day get their claims and medical treatment authorized so they have the best opportunity to recover from their work injuries quickly and get back to work as soon as possible.

In today’s Workers’ Compensation System an injured worker is at an extreme disadvantage. The rules are very complex and changing all the time. In fact several new and significant changes to workers’ compensation law under Senate Bill 863 have just gone into effect as of January 2, 2013.

Insurance companies work within this complex system everyday and they understand it better than the average person ever could. Simply put, injured workers just don’t understand the language or the rules of dealing with work injury laws as well as the claims adjuster who is charged with defending against the claim. Our workers’ compensation attorneys in Huntington Beach can help you navigate the complex laws.

Case Results


Pamela Wise Vs Lawrence Klein (Klein Construction)


Settlement of case by C&R for $95,000.00 for bump on the head leading to cervical spine
fusion surgery.


Pablo Arriaga Vs Express Packaging Inc.


Trial award of 100% permanent total disability worth $1,160,248.00 in benefits plus life time medical care.


“I want to thank you for your work on my case. I have received my check and my wife and I are very appreciative for your help along with the help of all the people in your law firm. I am glad to have had someone stand up for me and want to help me with a situation that has been detrimental to my health. So thank you.”


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