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At Jackson & Jackson Law Office, Workers Compensation Law is what we do everyday. With a proven track record since 1971, we are attorneys committed to bringing excellent results for our clients.

Here is a sampling of some of our recent Case Settlements and Judicial Awards. No guarantee, warranty or prediction with regard to other cases is made or implied. The information provided herein is solely for the purpose of providing information on actual cases handled by the attorneys at The Work Injury Law Offices of Jackson & Jackson.


Date: MAY 20, 2020
Location: Los Angeles
Occupation: Banquet server and Bar back
Lead Trial attorney: Derek Jackson and Gary Jackson

Case result: $20,000 cash settlement.

Initial claim status: denied throughout litigation

Body parts injured: low back


Jonathan A. vs Savoy event staffing/ Jonathan Club

Case Facts: This case shows the importance of understanding what to do when you are hired by a staffing agency, get hurt at work, and the staffing agency has no work comp insurance for you. This is especially important in this era when companies rely heavily on outsourcing their employees from staffing agencies.

Client was initially represented by another firm. The injury occurred 12/18/15 and the first attorney filed the case soon after on 2/3/16 against the staffing agency (the general employer) that hired client. However, when it was leaned soon after that the staffing agency had no work comp insurance, the very experienced prior work comp attorney did not know (or perhaps did not know how) he could get his client benefits from the employer where client was actually working and got hurt (the special employer); in this case the Jonathan Club, an exclusive club for the rich.

Jackson & Jackson was asked to take over the case and was hired on 10/8/19. Immediately Gary Jackson was able to determine the name of the special employer from the client and then identify that employers work comp insurance company. An amended application was immediately filed in the work comp court naming the new employer and its insurance company. Approximately 60 days later, Jackson & Jackson obtained an authorization for medical care direct from the insurance company. What the prior attorney could not do in three and one half years (3.5 years) Jackson & Jackson was able to achieve in 60 days.

This case points out the importance of hiring an experienced attorney who understands the complex system of laws and rules in play in workers’ compensation cases.


Date: October 2019
Occupation: Construction Manager
Case Venue: WCAB – Long Beach
Lead Trial attorney: Derek Jackson

Case result: Trial award of 100% (one hundred percent) permanent total disability. Benefits Awarded: 1. Lifetime medical care; 2. $702.02 per week for life, present value $854,544.00, under Labor Code Section 4600 and Labor Code section 4662 plus yearly cost of living increases pursuant to Labor Code section Code section 4659.

Injured body parts: Low back, lumbar spine and emotional trauma.

Case challenges: The Panel Qualified Medical Evaluator (PQME) initially indicated 50% permanent disability, with a value of $62,000, due to the injury. Our client’s own treating doctor believed the permanent disability was 31%! However, it was clear from our conversations with our client and getting to know him over the years that in fact he was much more disabled than the medical reporting was saying. Through careful attention to detail and questioning the evaluating doctors regarding the activity of daily living losses (ADL) as well as hiring a vocational expert to assess for the ability to have access to the job market, determine whether he was still hireable and if so what his chances were for job sustainability, we boldly went to trial and won the true of measure of benefits for Joe based on his real world experience with his injury.

RICHARD M. v. Swift Transport

Date: August 2019
Occupation: Long Haul Truck Driver
Location: Desert Hot Springs
Lead Trial attorney: Derek Jackson and Gary Jackson

Case result: $75,000 cash settlement

Body parts injured: hip and elbow

Slip and fall injury to hip and elbow while exiting big rig truck. Case settled on the opinion of the PQME doctor.


Date: April 2019
Location: South Gate
Occupation: Warehouse Loader and unloader
Lead Trial attorney: Derek Jackson and Gary Jackson

Case result: trial award of 29% permanent disability and life time medical open.

Initial claim status: Admitted or Denied
Body parts injured: Neck (cervical spine), shoulders and low back (lumbar spine).

Injured occurred while pulling a heavily loaded pallet jack, felt sudden onset of pain in back, neck and shoulder.


Date: March 2011
Location: Long Beach
Occupation: Armed security guard
Lead Trial attorney: Derek Jackson and Gary Jackson

Case result: Trial award of 100% Permanent total disability entitling client to weekly lifetime payments and lifetime medical care.

Initial claim status: Admitted
Body parts injured: Back (lumbar spine ) knee and emotional trauma


Date: February 2019
Location: Los Angeles
Occupation: Office clerk; clerical worker
Lead Trial attorney: Derek Jackson and Gary Jackson

Case result: 37% Stipulated award with a value of $41,400 in permanent disability benefits and life time medical open paid by the State of California, Uninsured Employers Benefits Trust Fund (UEBTF or UEF).

Body parts injured: Back (lumbar spine), neck (cervical spine) and shoulders.

This is a cumulative trauma injury against an uninsured staffing agency.

FREDERICK A. v. Metropolitan State Hospital

Date: May 2019
Location: Temple City
Occupation: Dispatcher
Lead Trial attorney: Derek Jackson and Gary Jackson

Case result: 30% stipulated disability award with life time medical open

Initial claim status: admitted
Body parts injured: Low back (lumbar spine), wrists, hands, thumbs

Client also has a pending Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund (SIBTF) case pending.

Shelia Mosley v. CVS CAREMARK

Date: September 2019
Location: Hawthorne
Occupation: Pharmacy technician
Lead Trial attorney: Derek Jackson and Gary Jackson

Case result: $65,000 cash settlement

Initial claim status: Denied
Body parts injured: back (lumbar spine) and knee


Date: August 2019
Location: Phelan
Occupation: Roofer
Lead Trial attorney: Derek Jackson and Gary Jackson

Case result: $82,500 cash settlement and another $59,000 paid as temporary disability benefits.

Initial claim status: Admitted
Body parts injured: back (lumbar spine), chest, knee, hips, shoulder.

Selim O. v. CARDNO ERI

Date: August 2019
Location: City of Bell
Occupation: Field Technician
Lead Trial attorney: Derek Jackson and Gary Jackson

Case result: $94,015.79 cash settlement

Initial claim status: claim admitted but Temporary Disability initially denied. Body parts injured: low back (lumbar spine) and lower extremities to the toes.

Heavy work activity caused symptoms of pain and loss of range of motion in the low back and pain shooting down the legs.

Jesus Flores Jr Vs The Best Demolition And Recycling

Venue: Long Beach
Occupation: Diesel Truck Mechanic

Result: Trial award of 100% permanent total disability worth $652,000.00 plus $59,000 in lost wages plus life time medical care.

Mr. Flores injured his shoulder when a truck rolled it. He later developed symptoms in his neck low back and the opposite shoulder from overuse. The challenge in this case was to prove permanent total disability when the medical reporting indicated only 66% disability. Attorney Derek Jackson consulted with a Vocational Rehabilitation Expert to determine if Mr. Flores would be able to find work as a diesel mechanic in the future. The VR expert provided an evaluation of Mr. Flores and provided an extensive report outlining why Mr. Flores would not reasonably find employment due to his injures. The insurance company also hired an expert who said Mr. Flores could find work. The trial judge found the evidence obtained by attorney Derek Jackson to be the more substantial and persuasive evidence and awarded 100% permanent total disability benefits to Mr. Flores, a just result for a good man.

Paula McKenney Vs Inland Valley Medical Center

Venue: Long Beach
Occupation: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
Trial award date: 2/26/2018

Result: Trial award upheld on appeal. Benefits of 68% disability worth $120,422.50 plus lost earnings and life time medical care.

Ms. McKenney was working as a Certified Nursing Assistant when she was attacked by a patient and sustained multiple injuries to her head, neck, spine, shoulders, arms, hands and wrists as well as emotional trauma, stress and anxiety as well as sleep loss. Insurance attorney offered 13% disability with a value of $15,000.00 However JACKSON & JACKSON were able to prove that the treating doctor opinions on disability and future medical needs were more well reasoned than that of the PQME. Defense lost their appeal to overturn Judge’s decision and the trial award is now final. Ms. Mckenney is also pursuing a case with the Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund (SIBTF) and attorney Derek Jackson believes Ms. MeKenney qualifies for permanent total disability benefits from SIBTF which will provide for life time payments in addition to the settlement.

Fernando Alvarez Vs Jurupa Unified School District

Venue: Long Beach
Occupation: School custodian

Result: Compromise and Release settlement for $156,000.00 plus $43,000 in lost wages.

Mr. Alvarez sustained cumulative trauma to his neck both shoulders both elbows and both wrists and emotional trauma due to his work activities as a school custodian. With seven different body parts in issue and some parts denied by the insurance carrier, the challenge was getting substantial medical evidence to prove each and every body part injured. Through careful attention to detail and good case organization the attorneys and staff at JACKSON & JACKSON were able to obtain the maximum benefits and an excellent cash settlement for Mr. Alvarez. In addition, Mr. Alvarez has filed a claim with the state Subsequent Injury Benefits Trust Fund (SIBTF) and attorney Gary Jackson believes Mr. Alvarez will be awarded Permanent Total Disability benefits from the SIBTF, which will provide for life time payments in addition to the settlement.

Diana Whitacre Vs Toys R Us

Venue: Long Beach
Occupation: Cashier and Retail Store Associate

Result: Compromise and Release settlement for $45,000.00 plus two years of lost wage benefits.

Ms. Whitacre sustained cumulative trauma from a few years of work as a retail store associate to her neck and shoulder. She gradually noticed the onset of symptoms but when she reported it to her employer, she was not provided the work comp claim form as the law requires. She called JACKSON & JACKSON and attorney Gary Jackson listened to her situation and the facts and agreed to take on her case. The JACKSON team immediately set up a patient advocate doctor to provide the necessary medical care and took care of all the work comp forms needed to properly file the claim with the insurance company and the work comp court. Although the claim was initially delayed by the insurance company, Diana was ultimately able to obtain the full two years of wage loss benefits and the legally correct settlement thanks to the careful selection of the proper treating doctor for this case.

Dale Robertson Vs Traffic Management Inc.

Venue: Long Beach
Occupation: Traffic manager

Result: Compromise and Release settlement for $240,000.00 plus two years of wage loss payments and all medicare deductibles paid for lifetime.

Mr. Robertson was lifting a sign out of his truck when he felt a pop in his spine. The US Healthworks company clinic initially diagnosed the injury as neuralgia unspecified and pain in the mid-back. When Mr. Robertson realized that he was not getting proper medical care for his symptoms he called JACKSON & JACKSON. Attorney Gary Jackson immediately researched to find a patient advocate treating doctor that would take over treatment for Mr. Robertson. Diagnostic testing was then performed which showed significant disc damage ultimately resulting in extensive back surgery. Due to preexisting conditions it was not possible to prove 100% permanent total disability was caused by the work injury alone. However, JACKSON & JACKSON are currently pursuing a case with the state Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund (SIBTF) for 100% permanent total disability which will pay additional benefits to Mr. Robertson for lifetime.

Savannah Linz Vs Disneyland

Venue: Long Beach
Occupation: Character/street performer

Result: Compromise and Release settlement for $150,000.00

Ms. Linz suffered cumulative trauma from several years of wearing heavy costumes while working as a street performer at Disneyland. The challenge in her case was to prove that a young person (mid 20’s) could even sustain cumulative trauma causing any permanent disability. Attorney Gary Jackson gathered the facts surrounding the work environment including hours worked and tasks performed on a daily basis to build a case for the doctors to understand how the working conditions were in fact causing injury over time. The Jackson team made a careful selection of evaluating doctors in this case which also helped to secure the legally appropriate settlement.

Ray Chavira Vs Primary Color

Venue: Long Beach
Occupation: Production Manager

Result: Compromise and Release settlement for $75,000 plus over $50,000 in back benefits.

Mr. Chavira worked for many years as a production manager in a high pace work environment. When staff was cut he was asked to do an inordinate amount of work and developed stress, anxiety and tension as well as suffered sleep loss which flared up preexisting heart issues. The insurance company denied all liability for the claim. Mr. Chavira then called JACKSON & JACKSON. Attorney Gary Jackson listened to Mr. Chavira’s history of how his work pace had increased to an inbearable amount over the years and the symptoms he was experiencing from it. Getting a detailed history and being selective about the doctors that would evaluate Mr. Chavira, Attorney Gary Jackson was able to obtain substantial medical evidence of injury and disability resulting in a very favorable settlement in a denied stress case.

Enrique Garcia Vs Big Wood Brothers

Venue: Long Beach
Occupation: Construction laborer
Trial award date: January 14, 2019

Result: Trial award of benefits for $86,460.61 plus life time medical care.

Mr. Garcia was working as a construction laborer when he injured his spine and shoulder from lifting heavy items. The employer had no insurance and JACKSON & JACKSON took on the case despite the lack of insurance. On the day of trial the state uninsured employers benefits trust fund withdrew their offer of $32,000 and the case proceeded to trial. Through careful planning and attention to detail, trial specialist Derek Jackson was able to prove up substantial past and ongoing benefits were due to Mr. Garcia.

Leopoldo Hernandez Vs Better Way Construction Inc.

Venue: Santa Ana
Occupation: Construction worker
Trial award date: February 2018

Result: Trial award of 100% permanent total disability plus back pay for wage loss and lifetime medical care.

Mr. Hernandez was a construction worker on a job site. He stepped on a nail which caused a puncture wound to his foot. An otherwise minor injury was complicated by preexisting diabetes which hindered the normal healing process eventually leading to an amputation of this foot. The insurance company only admitted the puncture wound as the injury and denied any complications to be their responsibility since the diabetes was preexisting and not caused by work. Highly rated trial attorney Derek Jackson was able to prove to the court that the cause of the disability was the amputation and that the amputation was caused by the nail puncture wound which was work related. Working closely with the Hernandez family, the litigation team of brothers, Derek and Gary Jackson were able to gather the facts and evidence necessary to obtain for Mr. Hernandez the maximum life time payments and life time medical.

Pablo Arriaga Vs Express Packaging Inc.

Venue: Riverside
Occupation: Maintenance Mechanic
Trial award date: January 2017

Result: Trial award of 100% permanent total disability worth $1,160,248.00 in benefits plus lifetime medical care.

Mr.  Arriaga was on a ladder doing his job as a maintenance mechanic when a forklift driver ran into his ladder causing him to fall to a concrete floor severely injuring his right knee, thoracic and lumbar spine as well as traumatic brain injury and stress. The big  issue that we faced at JACKSON & JACKSON, was that the state Panel QME, Jeffrey Schiffman provided only a 32% disability for Mr. Arriaga, with a value of approximately $30,000.00  Attorney Gary Jackson personally met with the Arriaga family and listened to them tell of how their husband and father was no longer the same person and how dependent he had become on them for help with activities of daily living.  Through careful attention to detail,  and the use of a vocational rehabilitation expert, lead attorneys Gary and Derek Jackson we were able  to show the true extent of the damage to Mr. Arriaga’s physical and emotional well being and prove up at trial that the true level of impairment was 100% permanent total disability. Congratulations to the Arriaga family and Derek Jackson, lead trial attorney, for an excellent result.

Pamela Wise Vs. Lawrence Klein (Klein Construction)

Venue: Long Beach
Occupation: Construction Project Manager
Date: December 2016

Result:  Settlement of case by C&R for $95,000.00 for bump on the head leading to cervical spine fusion surgery.

On September beam 2011, Ms. Wise was picking up some tools at a work site when she bumped her head on a 2×4 beam of wood. Initially she was told by doctors as UCLA medical center that she was cleared to return to work without restrictions. However her symptoms persisted and early diagnostic testing showed alot of long standing degenerative changes in her spine for  which she underwent cervical fusion surgery in December 2011, less than four moths post injury. Ms. Wise did not hire JACKSON & JACKSON until May 2014, more than 2 1/2 years post injury. The challenge for JACKSON & JACKSON was to overcome two major obstacles; 1. the statute of limitations and 2. preexisting degenerative rampant on diagnostic testing. Through careful reading of the medical reporting we were able to show that the exact injured disc was the one that required surgery and that no doctor prior to the injury had suggested surgery.  The statute of limitation issue was argued to not apply as the carrier never produced all the proper claim notices to Ms. Wise and we presented case law that the carrier has a non-delegable duty to provide such notices even if an attorney is consulted early on.  This cases teaches that you should never assume its too late to file your case, even if years have gone by.

Sara Martinez Vs. Central Parking, Inc.

Venue: Long Beach
Occupation: Parking lot attendant and cashier
Date: November 2016

Result: $100,000 cash settlement for injured knee of 32 year old woman.

In May 2012 Ms. Martinez’s knee was bumped by a car as she was walking around it. The injury caused emotional upset and other related complications for which the insurance company denied all but the knee injury. The challenge in this case was to show that the injury was causing more disability than just the knee injury would cause. After a key doctor deposition we were able to obtain an excellent result for this pleasant young woman.

Thierry Ruaux Vs. Crown Plaza Hotel

Venue: Long Beach
Occupation: Chef
Date: May, 2016

Result: $661,000 cash settlement for low back and neck injury.

Mr. Ruaux was represented by a prior attorney for over two years before Jackson & Jackson took over representation. The prior attorney had procured a medical report which indicated Mr. Ruaux had a permanent disability of 28% to his low back only and that 10% of the disability was caused by the aging process. Lead Attorney Gary Jackson, met with the Ruaux family and determined that Mr. Ruaux had a much more substantial disability than the medical report of the prior attorney had indicated and that other body parts should be included such as the neck. Ultimately Jackson & Jackson was able to prove that Mr. Ruaux was in fact 100% permanently totally disabled which was instrumental  in obtaining the cash settlement that Mr. Ruaux wanted.

Manuel Romero v. ProLease Pacific, Corp.

Venue: Long Beach
Occupation: Truck Driver
Date: October 22, 2009

Result: $100,000.00 cash settlement for low back pain

Mr. Romero was represented by a prior attorney for over two years before Jackson & Jackson took over representation. The insurance company denied the claim based on the statute of limitations because the first attorney did not timely file the required court documents. Attorney Gary Jackson was able to overcome this defense and obtain back benefits for the years the insurance company refused to pay in excess of $70,000.00.

Suzanne Thomas v. O’Melvany & Meyers

Venue: Long Beach
Occupation: Paralegal
Date: October 27, 2009

Result: $47,000.00 cash settlement for denied claim of emotional trauma

Our client, a paralegal for Law Offices of O’Melveny & Meyers was subjected to harassment by her supervisor at work in the form of yelling and belittling our client in front of co-workers and claiming that our client had made several mistakes when entering client information into the computer data base. Our client claimed that she always checks her work and that she could not have made the mistakes they claimed. The employer had proof that the data was in fact entered incorrectly and on that basis denied the entire claim or that they acted inappropriately in any way toward our client. However, as litigation progressed Gary Jackson made a request that the company turn over the meta data, that is the data behind the data. The information you can’t see on the computer screen but is nevertheless stored in the computer. This information would have shown who logged into our client’s computer, if our client has initially entered the information correctly and if the information was later changed to reflect the wrong information. This information may have proven our client’s claim that someone went into her computer and sabotaged her work. After many months of Gary pressing the defense for this information, we were able to settle the claim for very nearly the full value of work comp benefits in the amount of $47,000.00 In addition, Ms. Thomas had over $15,000.00 returned to her State disability account for future use.

Michael Terronez v. AT Systems

Venue: Long Beach
Occupation: Armed Guard/ Driver
Date: October 22, 2009

Result: $425,000 settlement with annuity providing lifetime payments and Medical Trust Account to pay lifetime future medical needs.

Mr. Terronez, an armored car guard was hit in he spine by the heavy armored truck door and sustained herniated disc injury in his low back resulting in spine fusion surgery. Settlement was reached on day three of the trial and after Mr. Terronez has testified to injury and ongoing symptoms.

Doris Wilson v. Los Angeles Unified School District

Venue: Marina Del Rey
Occupation: psychiatric social worker
Date: October 7, 2009

Result: 51% permanent disability to 1985 hip injury and lifetime medical

Ms. Wilson was a long term employee for the L.A. Unified School District. When she hired Jackson & Jackson she had already settled her injury claims with future medical open and wanted the firm to help her overturn denials of future medical treatment. Not only did Gary Jackson get her medical treatment authorized, but also found that her previously filed hip injury claim from 1985 had never been addressed in any settlement documents and therefore had previously gone uncompensated. Attorney Gary Jackson obtained medical evidence of substantial disability in Ms. Wilson’s hip and was successful in getting her hip treatment authorized, lifetime medical for her hip and an additional $34,720.00 (based on 1985 pay rates).

Roberto Flores v. Western Single Ply

Venue: Long Beach
Occupation: Commercial Roofer
Date: September 14, 2009

Result: $70,000.00 cash settlement for emotional trauma

Mr. Flores, a California resident was sent to Brownsville, Texas to work on a commercial roofing project. While working on July 31, 2007 he witnessed a concrete wall give way and fall crushing and killing two coworkers. Mr. Flores suffered post-traumatic stress disorder from witnessing this gruesome and traumatic event. Initially the insurance company denied Mr. Flores claim for workers compensation benefits. Mr. Flores hired Jackson & Jackson to assist him with his claim. Derek Jackson, one of the firms lead trial attorneys was able to get Mr. Flores needed grief counseling and an initial offer to settle of $10,000 was made by the insurance company. Mr. Jackson rejected the offer and the matter was set for trial. On the day of trial Mr. Jackson was successful in obtaining a $70,000 cash settlement for Mr. Flores despite the fact that the claim was initially “denied” by the insurance company. Congratulations to Mr. Flores and Mr. Jackson. Hard work and determination have resulted in a fair settlement.

Richard Arnold v. T & L Pearce (California Insurance Guarantee Assoc.)

Venue: Pomona/Long Beach
Occupation: Gas station pump repair man
Date: August 2009

Result: Stipulation to 100% Permanent Disability, including lifetime payments and lifetime medical care for a gas pump repairman.

The medical ratings of permanent disability amounted to only 74% permanent disability which included ratings for the spine, irritable bowel and emotional trauma as a result of on going pain and disability. We were successful in convincing the insurance attorney that our client was not able to compete for suitable gainful employment and get a settlement for 100% permanent disability, despite the lower 74% ratings by the doctors.

Danny Yarbrough v. DCH Automotive

Venue: Riverside
Occupation: 5 Star rated auto mechanic
Date: February 2009

Result: $575,000.00 cash settlement based on 100% permanent disability

Mr. Yarbrough injured low back while changing truck tires in 2005. spinal fusion surgery did not significantly improve symptoms.

Carlos Medrano v. Aquabrew (Supreme Court Petition/ Decision)

Venue: Santa Ana
Occupation: Assembly line worker/laborer
Date: August 2009

Result: New case law created by this published case and client is awarded  $100,500.00 in retroactive Vocational Rehabilitation benefits.

After appeal to the California Supreme Court in 2008, Mr. Medrano scores a win for himself and all injured workers in the state. This case clarifies the rule of law that there is no credit for wages earned against job retraining benefits. This case increases benefits to all injured workers in the state who have to find work due to an insurance company delay in providing job retraining benefits.

Starr Olson v. Hacienda Brides International

Venue: Long Beach
Occupation: Retail clothing shop manager
Date: January 2009

Result: Trial award of 100% Permanent Disability. (currently on appeal )

Ms. Olson originally suffered upper extremity injuries while working as a manager of a wedding gown store. due to her injuries, she developed a condition called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) which according to her doctor rendered her unable to compete for suitalbe gainful employment. The insurnace doctor stated that she did not have any RSD condition. The trial judge was convinced by the testimony of Ms. Olson and the quality of her doctors reporting and awarded the maximum benefits allowed under the law. The insurance company medical dcotor was not found to be substantial evidence on the issue of RSD. Defendant appealed the trial decision and Ms. Olson has Appealed to the California State Appellate Court. The case is currently under appellate review.

Juan Sanchez v. Roman Ward Jewelry

Venue: Los Angeles
Occupation: Jewelry repair instructor
Date: November 2007

Result: Trial award of 86% for injured teacher in 2007

Mr. Sanchez was a jewelry repair teacher at a vocational school. He fell down a flight of stairs injuring his low back and shoulder.

Susana Ramirez v. Watch L.A.

Venue: Long Beach
Occupation: Retail clothing sales clerk
Date: March 2009

Result: Trial Award of 68% for back injury and emotional trauma

Mrs. Ramirez was picking up a stack of clothing when she experienced a pulling sensation in the low back. The insurance doctor indicated that 25% of Mrs. Ramirez back problem was preexisting. In addition the insurance introduced at trial the testimony of 6 different under-cover investigators who took videos of Mrs. Ramirez in an attempt to show she was not disabled. Insurance company also introduced medical reports that Mrs. Ramirez did not sustain emotional trauma or urinary tract injury as a result of her back pain. Trial Judge agreed with Mrs. Ramirez doctors, did not agree with the insurance doctors and found the videos were not persuasive evidence. We won on all claims and Mrs. Ramirez was awarded lifetime medical care for her back, emotional complaints and urinary symptoms.

Maria Moreno V. California Community News

Venue: Los Angeles
Occupation: Machine operator
Date: March 2008

Result: $290,000.00 cash settlement

Ms. Moreno, while working as a feeder for a newspaper company sustained continuous trauma over the course of her employment to her back and shoulders. Initially Ms. Moreno was not sure if she had a work injury claim because she never had any accidents at work. Ms. Moreno now understands that years of hard work alone can cause injury just like an accident can.

Fredrick Mirabal v. Gulfstream Aerospace

Venue: Long Beach
Occupation: Aircraft painter

Result: Cash settlement [Private]

Mr. Mirabal was an aircraft painter when he sustained injury to his neck from work activities. client had sustained prior neck injury 2 years prior with a different employer. cash settlement for $125,000 after some trial testimony.

Ramon Rodriguez v. Children’s Hospital Orange County

Venue: Los Angeles
Occupation: Janitorial/laborer
Date: February 2009

Result: Stipulation to 82% permanent disability and life time medical.

Mr. Rodriguez suffered complications from a simple laceration to his lower leg when a table he was moving hit him. The wound failed to hear properly resulting in a deep vein thrombosus. The settlement is based on client’s own doctors with no apportionment to significant prior injury when client hit by a car causing significant damage to his knee and lower leg. Settlement is based on 82% disability to his lower leg, emotional trauma, circulatory system, blood and blood pressure. Mr. Rodriguez will receive life time payments as well as life time medical care with no co-pays, deductibles or maximums.

William McCann v. Robinson Helicopter

Venue: Los Angeles
Occupation: Machinist/ lathe operator
Date: March 2003

Result: Stipulation to 100% disability for psychiatric injury.

Mr.McCann initially sustained an injury to his lower extremity when metal shavings embedded in his skin while working as a lathe operator. The injury was denied and we proved up injury at trial. Client continued to worsen and became psychotic due to his chronic pain. Case settled for 100% disability based on the compensable consequence of becoming psychotic due to pain from work injury. Client awarded life time payments and life time medical treatment for his injuries.

Fredrick Mirabal v. Gulfstream Aerospace

Venue: Long Beach
Occupation: Aircraft painter

Result: Cash settlement [Private]

Mr. Mirabal was an aircraft painter when he sustained injury to his neck from work activities. client had sustained prior neck injury 2 years prior with a different employer. cash settlement for $125,000 after some trial testimony.

Edward Ulloa (Deceased) by Cindy Marquez v. ARB Construction

Venue: Long Beach
Death Claim. Serious and Willful violation of Cal-Osha safety regulations causes death to construction worker.

Mr. Ulloa was working at a height of 3 stories building an elevator shaft. Employer failed to provide fall protection as required by Cal-Osha regulations and failed to provide a safe place to work as required by the Labor Code. Our clients were the dependents of Mr. Ulloa. On eve of trial, carrier agreed to settle for full value of claim providing dependents of Mr. Ulloa with cash settlement of $80,000. Dependents also received death benefits with a value of $157,000.

Michael Bay v. Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway

Personal Injury Case
Venue: Santa Ana

Result: Confidential multi-million dollar settlement

Mr. Bay sustained traumatic brain injury and other serious injuries in a train v. train collision in Placentia, California. After years of litigation as to whether punitive damages are available and a determination that federal law preempts punitive damages in state court, the matter was settled for a confidential amount.

Edward Coleman v. Mother’s Cake & Cookies Company

Venue: Los Angeles
Occupation: Sales Manager

Result: Stipulation to 72% permanent disability with a value of $103,000

Client has complaints of gastrointestinal discomfort and emotional trauma arising out of stress from duties as a manager. Life time medical care also awarded. Several years later the life time medical award was cashed out for a new money compromise and release settlement for $125,000.00.

Rosie McIntosh v. Charles Drew University

Venue: Long Beach

Occupation: Teacher assistant

Result: Settlement by C&R for $176,000.00.

Date: January 2018

Case details: Injury to shoulder and neck pain caused when a child pulled away from teacher suddenly while they were playing in a sand box.

Initial offer to settle was $15,000 This case was fought very hard by the insurance company because the initial doctors that provided treatment did not recognize the extent of injury caused by what seemed to be a minor impact. Sometimes a relatively minor injury can cause more damage than initially thought and this may be why insurance companies try to delay or deny diagnostic tests such as MRI’s which provide an excellent tool for obtaining an accurate diagnosis