“Thanks again for everything and I want you to know I meant what I said yesterday that you were my Angel I needed after my last attorney ruined everything. You were God sent and I appreciate you more than words can say. From my entire family we say Thank you.”

Anthony F.
“Man! Your assistant Lupe is super awesome man. She waa super helpful and incredibly informative. She was able to help me entirely, just wanted you to know your staff are killin it and i am super grateful.”
Mohamed A.
“Gary Jackson treated me with respect and kept up to date on my case, and I feel comfortable that I made a good decision to hire this attorney.”

Thomas T.
“Highly professional team I ever had business with. I highly recommend them. Thank you!”

Armando O.
“Mr. Jackson was a excellent lawyer. The team was so polite and soft. I would recommend them to all my family members and friends.”

Darlene L.
“My attorney made the best decision on my behalf.”

Joel T.
“I was treated great, my emails were answered quickly also. Great decision hiring Jackson & Jackson.”

Thomas J.
“I’m glad I went with your firm. Also, the personal phone call I received early on from Mr. Jackson, really gave me confidence in the decision making process.”

Emmett K.
“He treated me with great respect and I’m very much thankful to Mr. Jackson.”

Alfred A.
“A wonderful experience with Jackson and Jackson firm. Highly appreciated!”

Joe W.
“Dear Mr. jackson, Just want to thankyou for all your help on my case. I remember on one of your email you sent me that read they dont know they are messing with Ali and you were right. We beat them. Again, Thanks for all your help and also your brother’s support.”

Rebecca G.
“I contacted Mr. Jackson several years ago when I had to go up against the Los Angeles Archdiocese. It took several years, but through Mr. Jackson’s diligence and perseverance, justice prevailed! I had already moved out of state, but Mr. Jackson settled the case on my behalf and sent me the check. He also made sure that if I needed further medical treatment, I would receive it without monetary debt attached to it. We went up against a large religious corporation and won.”

“People used to say to me never to look for an attorney on TV because if he sounds too good to be true then he isn’t but they were wrong. He told me the whole truth about the former law firm that was supposedly representing me when in fact nothing was being done in fact he opened my eyes,he encouraged me to keep going and not to give up and now after a very long time things are being done to handle my case like it suppose to be handle. It’s like he said” who wants justice, I do and the insurance,” ” who wants recovery, I do and not them,” Why because they just don’t care for us. Thank you Mr.Jackson.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank, Gary Jackson for consulting me in my Worker’s Comp Case. Gary spent a fair amount of time explaining what my rights were and what options I could choose, in moving forward in my WC case. I would recommend him to my friends/family. I am sure I will hire him to settle/fight my WC case.”

“Gave an excellent consultation. I came in knowing very little, and left empowered with knowledge. Even though there wasn’t compensation, he went out of his way to ensure I knew my rights and what u needed to do to ensure proper justice. He has done so out of the kindness of his heart, and can only imagine the countless others he’s helped in such a manner. Thank you, Mr. Jackson!”

Reggie J.
I started with another firm, I left them because I felt like I was on an assembly line. I start with Gary then his brother Derek, but they made me feel comfortable. Clients are made to feel like they are lying. I was and still feeling depressed. They answered all my questions. This system at times is against the patient, who wants to take drugs all the time instead of getting the care you need. Services are denied, so all doctors can do is give you pain meds. Gary and Derek help me with this system, I wouldn’t want to go through this system without Gary and Derek.

Elizabeth R.
“My experience with Jackson and Jackson was good. Gary was very thorough to explain everything to me that way I was able to understand all the lawyer talk. He kept me updated through the whole process, I had many questions along the way and he answered all my questions in a timely manner. If you are seeking a respectable worker compensation firm contact Jackson and Jackson.”


“Several years ago I got sick on the job in my workplace. It was a difficult situation for me because I knew that the problem had been caused by my employer not really taken care of the work environment. I ended up having surgery and have had respiratory problems ever since.

Initially, I was hesitant to call a lawyer because I did not want problems with my employer. My co-workers encouraged me to contact a lawyer and I did contact another lawyer who said I did not have a case and treated me very dismissively.

After that negative experience, I waited a few weeks and gave Gary’s office a call and I was immediately impressed by the sympathy shown to me by his staff. His aide was very supportive and immediately got all the paperwork to me to sign and was empathetic with me during the process.

The rest of the process was also difficult for me because I am not in the legal profession and I’m not used to dealing with those kinds of things. Gary helped me understand the situation and come to me when I felt worried. He also was very persistent during times when the other parties were not cooperating. There was even a moment when I believed that I was not going to get anything out of this situation.

Because of Gary’s that occasion I did get a nice settlement and have been able to invest that money knowing that it will be there for me in the future if I need it.

I am very grateful to the law offices of Jackson and Jackson and would recommend them to anyone who has been injured on the job.”

A Satisfied Client
“I just hired Mr. Jackson and he started what he said he would right away. Every question I had, he answered with no hesitation and no bull. I’m glad I switched lawyer. I should have done it a long time ago.”


“I hired Gary to represent me in a workers comp case in which I was severely concussed. I didn’t even know I was eligible for a settlement, I was looking for a lawyer because I’d had been out of work on workers comp for 3 months and figured it was time to see a pro to see what my options were in case I didn’t get better. Gary explained the entire process to me and what was going to change and lo and behold the attitude of every one of my Doctors suddenly changed from trying to push me back to work to try to make sure I was getting actually getting better.

As to some of the complaints here, Gary is in a family operation and not a big law firm. We did most of our correspondence over e-mail and I know I annoyed him with questions but I’m guessing so does every client he has. And if he is in court he can’t exactly answer his phone. When I had valid concerns and questions he answered them immediately…but yeah sometimes I’d ask a bunch of random what-if questions and I wouldn’t hear back from him. Because he’s a lawyer and he’s got important things to do.

But when my worker’s comp insurance company intentionally tried to screw me he was on it. My disability checks were turned off and I was given 4 different reasons why…Gary got the checks turned back on and the missing amount added to my settlement.

At one point we were talking about a particular settlement amount that had been offered and I said I just wanted my company to treat me like they said they treated their employees. I said I was pissed and in my upcoming deposition I might not be able to contain my anger. He talked me down and said that just because the other side is being corrupt doesn’t mean we have to be. We can win by being better people and being right. My first thought was “actually I could use a little more teeth in my shark there Mr. Jackson” but he was not only right, he delivered. He called the insurance company on their actions and threatened to take them to EC court and that’s when my checks came back and my settlement offer jumped another $12000.

The legal system takes time, lawyers are busy people and you are not their only client. Gary always managed to get back to me about the important stuff and came through on everything he said he would. I would definitely recommend him.”

Armando Grijalva III
Great supporting team I ever had business with. I recommend them. Thank you

Brittney Coles
They were patient and really helpful with my workers comp case. They fought for me until they got me what i deserved. I will recommend their services to anyone who needs them. Thank you guys again! 🙂

Former Client
Gary jackson has been nothing but a really good attorney and when im feeling scared and alone i can call him and get reassurance. Hes not only my attorney but hes like a sort of therapist. Lol Im very pleased with his work and his compassion, you dont really get that sense of caring from big corporate lawyers. I just wanted to say thank you for what youve done what youre doing and what youre trying to accomplish. Its scary and lonely sometimes, and life can smack you hard in the face too. I always appreciate the talks. Thank you sir.

Mike S. (Anaheim)
First, thank you so much for your help and guidance this past year. Without the expertise of the Law Offices of Jackson and Jackson, I’m quite certain that my employer and their worker’s compensation insurance carrier would have avoided their financial responsibility for my work-related injury. Both companies have been very irresponsible, and both did everything that they could to escape and avoid their respective responsibilities. Without the expert assistance of you and your staff, I would have gotten nowhere with them. With your expertise, you have helped me navigate the difficult and complicated worker’s comp system and move well along the way to covering the cost of all the medical and care expenses resulting from my work-related injury. Thank you again. No worker should have to fight this fight alone. I’m truly grateful for all your help.

I hired Jackson and Jackson after I was injured and then fired at the end of 2015. Mr. Gary Jackson helped for 3 years fight back and forth with the insurance company regarding my treatments, surgeries and eventually fought on my behalf to win me a settlement. During those 3 years, I would describe his work as that of Batman, behind the scenes without me knowing he was working on my behalf. I appreciate the outcome he got for me and my family. Even though I am obviously still injured, he advised me throughout the way and gave me the best possible result by representing me. Thank you Mr. Jackson


Nuha K.
Jackson & Jackson turned a tragedy into a victory and saved my family. I was terminated for reporting an injury and could not pursue the wrongful termination without money for food or rent. Thanks to Jackson & Jackson, the former employer agreed to an injury settlement and I can now feed my family while addressing the wrongful termination aspect. Jackson & Jackson has the talent to negotiate and the resolve to go to trial if necessary. I was able to make the best choice for my family while no other law firm was interested in helping. I highly recommend Jackson & Jackson to any injured worker.

Christian Garibay
Great attorney i was extreamly happy with their services I had a difrent attorney prior to talking to Mr. Jackson that i had to fire because he had my case for almost 1 yr and did nothing once I hired Mr. Jackson he resolved my case in just a few weeks i am very greatful to Mr. Jackson.

Mater D.

As a Workers’ Compensation Claims Examiner there are too few applicant attorneys with responsive integrity, doing the best for their client within the system as it was intended. Ultimately, we are just trying to achieve the same goals. Doing our best for those whom we represent in a positive fair manner. HOW REFRESHING…. !

It’s been a pleasure working with you and your professional-friendly staff. The communication was fluid and easy. Wish there were more of you out there. But for now, I will continue to Wish Upon a Star at the Happiest Place On Earth.

I appreciate the consistency for this company very professional. Mr Jackson was a kind and honest lawyer. The staff was so polite. I would recommend. I was homeless now I have a place to stay. I’m grateful. I love them

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. They kept me up to date on my case status and anytime I had a question it was answered either by Mr Jackson or his assistant right away or with in 24 hours depending on what needed to be addressed via email or phone call. In my own personal opinion this law firm gets to the point and does not beat around the bush.

Anita Diane
Gary was very helpful, patient and knowledgeable in my consultation. I would recommend him to anyone having a Worker’s Comp issue. Thank you, Gary. 🙂

Danny Erwing
Great Law Firm. I had a wonderful experience working with Gary Jackson.

I chose Gary from referrals online and one former client. He and the team of doctors made the process about as clear and concise as possible. The one lesson I learned the hardest is that the Workman’s Comp process is just that, a legal and medical process that will take some time. There are other attorney’s who are quick to settle for less so that it can be over more quickly but there is a SUBSTANTIAL difference if one can give Gary time to negotiate. I would use Gary again without question.

I was very pleased with the help that I receive from Gary Jackson and with the outcome of my case.

Leonard Olivares
Very helpful and honest and got the job done very quick

Rochelle Jones
I had a difficult case. The attorneys took time and helped me win.

Brianna Pritchard
Gary Jackson and his office were amazing. I had to switch attorneys midway through my case because I still had not received the medical care I needed. Gary and his team not only got me the medical care I needed from a great doctor but helped me to navigate the rest of the process. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for an attorney who will be on their side and be a true advocate!!

Mark Shepherd
Jackson & Jackson is a family-run law firm and it shows, I’ve dealt with Gary Jackson directly and he’s very helpful and responsive. He will pay personal attention to your case as opposed to a paralegal. Highly recommend.

LaTricia Anderson
Their care & concern overwhelmed me,I had a case that lasted 15 yrs. Derek & Gary handled my situation so professionally.