Catastrophic Workplace Injuries

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Catastrophic Workplace Injuries

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Many types of accidents can happen while you’re at work and many types of injuries can result. Sometimes, you may sprain an ankle or tweak your back, which can require medical treatment but then heal within a couple of weeks. In other situations, a workplace accident can result in a life-changing catastrophic injury.

Catastrophic workplace injuries affect the central nervous system or result in long-term impairments that affect nearly every aspect of your life. The following are some examples of catastrophic injuries that may happen if you are hurt on the job:

Traumatic brain injury (TBI)A severe TBI generally renders a victim unconscious for hours, days, or longer. Many victims spend time in a coma in the ICU, and then an extended period of time in the hospital or rehabilitation center. Severe TBIs can disrupt your brain functioning, resulting in cognitive or physical impairments, as well as changes in behavior and personality. This injury can keep victims from ever returning to work again.

Spinal cord injuryIf an accident causes trauma to the spine, it may damage the delicate spinal cord tissue, which transmits messages from the brain to much of the body. Complete spinal cord injuries will completely stop these message below the injury, causing permanent paralysis. Victims can lose movement ability, sensation, and even organ functioning, which will require a lifetime of medical care.

These are only two examples of possible catastrophic workplace injuries. Workers’ compensation claims involving disabling injuries can be extremely complicated, and you need the right attorney handling your claim to ensure you receive the full benefits you need and deserve.

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