If You Want to Win Your Workers Comp Case, Don’t Do This!

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If You Want to Win Your Workers Comp Case, Don’t Do This!

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Out of the millions of workers that are injured on the job each year, only a fraction will end up with a sizable settlement check from a successful case. If you have recently been hurt at work, and want to do everything that you can to ensure the best outcome possible, there are a few things that you should do. Hiring a qualified Southern California workers comp attorney is a good start, along with reporting your injury right away, and following the directions for your medical care. However, there is one thing that far too many people do, which dramatically jeopardizes their odds of winning their Workers Comp case; they lie.

Whatever you do, don’t lie. Don’t willingly withhold information, overstate your injuries or pain levels, or do anything else dishonest during your workers compensation case. The insurance companies and other interested parties are always on the lookout for people who may be faking it or overdramatizing, in order to try to collect an insurance payout. One thing that many people don’t realize is that insurance companies sometimes hire private investigators when they doubt the credibility of a case. You may be subject to surveillance, where an investigator observes you at home, at work, and around town, and collects footage to see if anything you do contradicts your claim. This is one of the most irrefutable types of evidence, which can destroy your case for good.

Also, make sure that you stick to the same story, especially because you will likely repeat your story to several different individuals. Know the circumstances surrounding your injury, when it happened, what you were doing, and what safety precautions were being taken. Try to get practiced at explaining your symptoms, your pain levels, and how this injury affects your ability to work. Remember that your employer, their insurance company, your doctor, and others will have the ability to compare notes on your claim.

Lastly, don’t lie to your medical caregivers, or to your attorney. These professionals are truly on your side, and trying to help you. Don’t set yourself up for pain by lying about your physical symptoms, or by failing to disclose important details to your lawyer. Any form of lying or dishonesty can dramatically worsen your chances of winning your case, and may even have lasting legal or criminal consequences. Approach your Southern California workers’ compensation case with sincerity and honesty instead.

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